Create & share coding & skill assessments
for any job with candidates remotely.

SIXER Skills allows employers to analyze
coding & skills of candidates using
customizable tests via a secure platform.

How it works

Measure your candidates on job skills, personality and fit

Step 01

Create tests that
work for you

Evaluate candidates’ coding & general
skills with day-to-day tasks and
real-world challenges.

Step 02

Get personal with your own custom questions

Candidates can also answer your custom
questions using long-form text, file upload or
multiple choice—it’s all up to you. Save time by
re-using your favorite custom questions
from previous assessments.

Step 03

Invite candidates
your way

Connect with candidates by sending
email invites directly or straight from your ATS.
Or have candidates sign up by sharing a direct link.

Step 04

Real-time assessment results

Review every single assessment status at a glance.

See your candidates ranked by results right away when you click on an assessment.

Step 05

Go in-depth with a candidate review

Know your candidates better by exploring
detailed reports. Review a candidate’s
test scores and answers to your custom questions. Record your own personal notes
about a candidate that only you can see.

More reasons businesses are choosing SIXER for skill assessments.

Cheating reduction

Receive alerts if a candidate exits full-screen mode.

Stellar support

Consult our in-house L&D experts for your tests to improve their quality and performance.


Optimized for all platforms. Build, review, and take assessments on the go. Let candidates showcase their talents from any device.

Ready for easier and more successful talent screening?