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What are Video Interviews?

Video interviews are a way for employers to evaluate job applicants on their qualifications, soft skills, and more during the hiring process.

Video interviews are usually implemented as a initial interview meaning that the final hiring decision isn’t made until later in the process.

How does Video Interviews Work?

Before you start using video interviews, you’ll be able to brand your candidate experience with your logo, colors, pictures, videos, and more. Next, video interviews typically work as follows:

Determine the interview experience that your applicants will go through

  • Come up with the questions that your applicant will answer. These questions can be text-only accompanied by a video of you or a team member.
  • You can configure the time-limit based on the number of questions that your applicant will answer.

Invite your applicants to complete the interview

There are a couple ways for you to invite your applicants to complete a video interview:

  • Send a customized email invitation to your selected applicants.
  • Copy and paste an interview in your job posts or HRIS to communicate with applicants.

Applicants submit video responses to your interview questions

  • Once applicants receive your invitation for a video interview, they’ll be guided through the process with step by step instructions.
  • Applicants can complete the interview using a computer with a webcam or on an iOS/Android mobile device.

Watch, evaluate, and share the completed video interview

  • You’ll get an email notification when the interview is completed with a direct link to sign in and watch it.
  • You can review the completed video interview anywhere, anytime, and from any device.
  • Evaluate the interview by rating and commenting on it and collaborate with other hiring stakeholders by sharing it with them.

The end result: you’ll make better decisions about which candidates make your shortlist in a fraction of the time.

When to Use Video Interviews

Depending on the nature of your business, video interview can fit in different parts of your recruiting process.

Employers frequently use video interviews as a better way to screen applicants earlier in the hiring process.

Common hiring challenges that lead employers to look into video interviews include, but are not limited to:

  • High volume job applications
  • Poor quality in-person interviews
  • Lengthy hiring process
  • Lack of collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers
  • Non-local candidates
  • Issues evaluating cultural fit/personality early in the hiring process

In general, employers find that video interviews help them:

  • Replace the phone screen/preliminary interview
  • Learn more about applicants in less time
  • Screen candidates faster than ever before
  • Standardize the interviewing process
  • Improve recruiter and hiring manager collaboration
  • Eliminate scheduling challenges
  • Review interviews anytime, anywhere
  • Only invest time and effort into the best applicants
  • Avoid bad in-person interviews

What are Benefits of Video Interviews?

Organizations of all sizes and from all industries are successfully using video interviews to gain benefits specific to their recruiting processes.

Below are the main benefits for both employers and applicants:

Benefits of Video Interviews for Employers

Video interviews are not meant to be a replacement to the in-person interview. Their purpose is to help you make better decisions about which applicants you invest time and effort into during the hiring process.

As an employer, the exact benefits for your organization will differ depending on your industry, the types of jobs you’re recruiting for, and more.

Ultimately, the two metrics that employers mainly see improvements in are quality of hire and speed to hire.

Save valuable time and money.

Screening job applicants can take a huge chunk of your time and hiring budget.

Video interviews make the process much less of a chore by enabling you to connect with applicants face-to-face – without having to meet them. When it comes to screening applicants, save time and avoid scheduling headaches with video interviews.

Gain better insight early on.

Anyone can sound good in a phone interview. Video interviews, however, allow you to pick up on visual cues that can impact your decision.

See much more of the applicant earlier in the hiring process, from their facial expressions and body language to their personality and professionalism. Never be surprised in an in-person interview again!

Collaborate with hiring managers.

When it comes time to screen applicants or bring them in for an in-person interview, not everyone needed can always be present. And interview notes and recollections aren’t an accurate representation of a job applicant.

With video interviews, interview recordings can be shared with colleagues. On top of that, colleagues can comment and rate applicants so the whole team can come to a better hiring decision. After all, multiple heads are better than one.

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Benefits of Video Interviews for Candidates

Video interviews offer many benefits to your applicants that are important for you to know about.

Gets candidates in front of hiring managers

Hiring managers are the ones that participate in final round interviews with applicants. Ultimately, they are the people that make the hiring decisions.

Video interviews give applicants the chance to get in front of and impress hiring managers earlier in the process because their video interview is shared with them.

Speeds up the hiring process

By eliminating scheduling conflicts and allowing the company to complete more interviews faster, video interviews not only speed up the process for companies, but also for applicants.

Applicants don’t want to go through a lengthy process and video interviews significantly cut down on the time from the initial application to a hiring decision.

Showcases more than just a resume

Applicants have a story to tell. The video interview makes sure hiring stakeholders get to know the real applicants vs. just reading a piece of paper.

A report on video statistics found that people retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

The video interview gives applicants a platform to further discuss their background and expand on key aspects of their work experience that make them a great fit for the position.

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How to start using Video Interviews

Getting started with video interviews should be simple and SIXER VIDEO is the video interviewing platform that will deliver for your organization.

To get started with video interviews, you have a couple options with SIXER VIDEO: