Hiring made easy.

SIXER VIDEO provides you with the best-pre-recorded video interview to screen your candidates so you can make better, faster and easier hiring decisions.


Companies can evaluate candidates on a lot more than their paper qualifications, all before a live interview.

Step 01

Invite the potential candidates to pre-record a SIXER VIDEO pitch

About Sixer Video

Step 02

View, comment & rate pitches on your SIXER VIDEO Dashboard

Step 03

Share with the executive team for feedback

Step 04

Invite chosen candidate for a live interview either on SIXER or in-person

Why sixer video

More reasons businesses are choosing SIXER VIDEO.

Flexible file uploads

Allow candidates to upload key documents such as a CV or portfolio

Stellar support

Get answers to your questions, fast. Our team is always here to help

Positive experience

No accounts are necessary for candidates. Utilize your logo to leave a lasting brand impression

Ready to save time for an easier and more successful talent search?