How to measure the success of your recruitment efforts

measure the success of your recruitment efforts

The process of recruiting and hiring talent has changed dramatically in recent years. Technology has made it easier than ever to connect with candidates, track their progress, and measure the success of your recruitment efforts. There are a number of metrics you can use to judge your recruitment success.

Truth about why candidates ghost during the recruitment process

why candidates are ghosting during recruitment process

More and more frequently, employers are reporting that candidates are ghosting them during the recruitment process. Ghosting used when a candidate abruptly stops responding to communication from a potential employer, without giving any explanation. Candidates ghosting during the recruitment process is having a negative impact on businesses, as it causes disruption and wasted time and […]

Top 5 reasons why companies use pre-recorded video interviews

Pre-recorded video interviews are an excellent tool for employers who are looking to improve their hiring process. Here are the top three reasons why companies should be using pre-recorded video interviews: Time-saving: With pre-recorded video interviews, you can save time by watching interviews on your own schedule. Transparency: Pre-recorded video interviews provide candidates with a […]