Case Study – Union Assurance


SIXER interviews allow employers to pre-screen shortlisted candidates using video recordings via a secure platform. Companies can evaluate candidates on a lot more than their paper qualifications, all before a live interview.

Invite potential candidates to pre-record a SIXER VIDEO pitch, where they answer questions of your choice. You can then view, share & review candidates with your team on your dedicated SIXER dashboard. The shortlisted candidates can then be invited for an interview either on SIXER VIDEO Live or in person. 

Our goal is to transform traditional recruitment methods into smart hiring methods. Making it extremely easy and less time consuming for customers and candidates to hire and to be hired, respectively.  

Key Takeaways

  • With pre-screened video interviews, Union assurance is able to gain a quick idea of the candidate’s presentation and communication skills.

  • Thereafter, candidates would be called in for an interview if they impressed the recruiter through their video interview.

  • Mentioned that SIXER VIDEO was extremely easy and user friendly for both the recruiter and the candidates to use given that the web portal and the app are available with clear instructions.

The Challange

  • Before implementing SIXER VIDEO, Union Assurance used external methods such as their careers page and Topjobs. They would receive 150-200 CV’s through this method per job and had to spend considerable time reviewing before shortlisting.

  • After implementing SIXER VIDEO, the shortlisting procedure was made simpler as candidates were chosen for interviews based on their enthusiasm, attitude, and communication skills displayed through the video they uploaded.

The Outcome

  • Union Assurance has been using SIXER VIDEO for a year now, and they are have been pleased with the platform as it provides a successful initial screening of candidates before they are invited to interview, all while being cost-effective and far less time-consuming.

 It was great to be able to share the interview experience and put a face AND personality with a name before they even came through the door.

– Dahami Pathirana, Manager Talent Acqusition, Union Assurance.