Case Study – Stax


SIXER interviews allow employers to pre-screen shortlisted candidates using video recordings via a secure platform. Companies can evaluate candidates on a lot more than their paper qualifications, all before a live interview.

Invite potential candidates to pre-record a SIXER VIDEO pitch, where they answer questions of your choice. You can then view, share & review candidates with your team on your dedicated SIXER dashboard. The shortlisted candidates can then be invited for an interview either on SIXER VIDEO Live or in person. 

Our goal is to transform traditional recruitment methods into smart hiring methods. Making it extremely easy and less time consuming for customers and candidates to hiring and to be hired, respectively. 

SIXER VIDEO introduced its platform to StaxInc. over 2 years ago, one of its first clients. Stax Inc. is a leading global strategy consulting firm providing actionable, data-driven answers to clients’ critical strategic questions.

Key Takeaways

  • When Stax is expecting more than 50 candidates to apply to an open job position, they have them fill out a SIXER VIDEO profile and answer three simple questions.

  • With video interviews, Stax evaluates a candidate’s skill set and cultural fit without worrying about scheduling conflicts.

  • Stax is able to screen more candidates in a short amount of time—quicker than reading through dozens of resumes.

  • Video interviews help to make better hiring decisions thanks to SIXER VIDEO sharing and collaboration features.

The Challange

  • Before Stax integrated the SIXER VIDEO platform into their hiring process, they had to go through their career page and read through 50 CVs before shortlisting and calling in candidates for interviews.

  • Previously, hiring was a long and tedious process for Stax.

Hiring made easy!

  • SIXER VIDEO’s smart hiring platform has made hiring for Stax much more easier and smooth.

  • SIXER VIDEO helped streamline the recruitment process to be much more efficient and now instead of inviting 20 candidates for the final interview, only the best 5 would be invited based on their pre-recorded videos.

The Outcome

  • Stax has been using SIXER VIDEO for over 2 years now, making their recruitment process so much faster, less time-consuming, and less costly.

  • SIXER VIDEO has made Stax stand out as a company for using modern and unique methods of hiring, which in turn makes Stax an attractive company for candidates.

 The responses we get are SO much better than sifting through resumes trying to extrapolate from a PDF to what an applicant is really like.– Isuri Mendis, Head of HR, Stax Inc.