SIXER VIDEO is designed to help companies get a first impression of candidates quickly and efficiently.

Let’s face it. The recruitment process  has not advanced much in the past decade. The whole process can take weeks and sometimes months.

A bulk of the time is often spent in the initial short-listing and the first round of interviews.

Simple to use screening app for fast first impressions

What SIXER VIDEO does is give you a short-cut to identifying the best candidates who you want to actually meet.

Here’s how it works:

When you sign up with SIXER VIDEO, you get a job code. You share this with prospective candidates. Then the candidate follows the instructions and records a short video that is sent directly to your dashboard where you and your team can rate and comment on individual submissions, evaluating who you want to actually meet. It makes the recruitment process faster and simpler for everyone.

Impress potential recruits

SIXER VIDEO is also fantastic for candidates. It gives everyone a first round opportunity. And importantly, by using innovative technologies, you are impressing potential candidates and making the process simple for them as well.


We are looking for innovative companies to try out SIXER VIDEO.

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