SIXER VIDEO Presents: Humans in Resources – Episode 01, LISTENUP CANDIDATES


We at SIXER VIDEO is all about HR. From October on wards we are introducing a monthly episode targeted at covering topics that need to be explored to understand and educate on topics related to HR.

And don’t worry this is not a boring 30 minute long videos talking theory or challenging individuals on it. This format would be a simple and under 5 minutes with a couple of rapid fire questions under a chosen topic. If you still haven’t take a look at our new episode click in the video above.

For the very episode we sat with Chief Transformation Officer of Hatton National Bank Ms. Chiranthi Cooray to get answers that can help candidates to be informed before accepting a job or attending an interview. This write up is to give a quick recap on what was discuss,


How Important is personality and appearance in this modern era.

Personality and appearance is very important because see when you hire someone they become an ambassador of your brand. Both the corporate brand and employer brand, so personality and appearance is important I don’t mean that they should be wearing the most expensive clothes. But neat pressed clothes and good personality go a long way.

Does age and gender matter for any role?

Oh well. Yeah very much because men can’t breastfeed babies and they can’t be mothers. So age and gender matters mostly gender I was just saying that in a lighter way but from a corporate sense it’s actually the skills and ability and attitude is important and that’s my belief.

Should the education background align with the job role?

Um, Yes and No. In the sense you see if you have a general degree you can very well fit into any role and specialize in your masters in MSC or in a professional qualification. So in a corporate setting I would say a general bachelor level can be a general and specialization can come happen with masters or professional qualification.

Should candidates be open on remuneration and future at the company?

Well yes. I find candidates to be very shy to talk about this. More so females I think its important set up their expectations and in the event in a negotiation at a job interview specifically if it’s not been said. It is fully professional to express themselves and say look this what I expect and how much you can meet me at or both agree on. I think it’s important to be open.

Do you think people are currently under valuing themselves?

In my experience I wouldn’t say so. Some people undervalue, some people over value so setting the right expectations takes a bit of doing market research by understanding what the industry is like and if they are open after doing their homework I think that would be fine.


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