What Happened at disruptHR Colombo – August Edition?


On 29th August (last Thursday) disruptHR Colombo August Edition kicked off with the participation of recruiters and HR managers. Here is quick recap on what was discussed,

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What is disruptHR?

Main goal of the event is to inform and empower HR specialists.

The global HR sector is exploding. Dramatic changes, driven by cutting edge technology and innovation are transforming the way HR works and recruitment happens.

The Sri Lankan recruitment and people management market is also changing and there is a lot to learn from international experiences. disruptHR featured speakers to share their experiences and answer questions, and provide an opportunity to network and build a sophisticated community of HR professionals in Sri Lanka.

What was the topic for August?

This month’s edition was on Let’s Talk Corporate eLearning – Why? What? & Who?

Corporate eLearning is disengaging Research shows that 90% of employee engagement is lost in the first 12 seconds.

The panel discussion focused on Why Corporate eLearning is taking center stage in training & development. What Corporate eLearning can do to your company and Who should Corporate eLearning be applied for.

Who were the speakers?

Dino Corera, Chief Executive Officer


Dino Corera is an actor, stand-up comedian, voicing artist, host and Radio personality with theatrical and broadcast experience spanning over 10 years. He currently heads ‘Layup’, an award winning startup specializing in optimizing corporate training engagement. Dino is also a YouTube personality who together with Gehan Blok co founded ‘Blok & Dino’, a channel specializing in content marketing which has partnered with some of Sri Lanka’s leading brands.



Imani Perera, Head of Learning & Development

John Keells Group

Imani accounts for over 12 years’ experience in the fields of HR and Marketing in multiple sectors ranging from manufacturing to leisure, financial services to information technology. With a passion for Organizational and Human Capital Development, she revels in formulating development strategies for diverse businesses, and curating learning experiences for varied groups. She currently heads Learning and Development for John Keells Group, where she is driving a Learning transformation aligned to its corporate strategy and vision.


So, how did the event go & what was discussed?

The event kicked off with registrations and friendly chats on Thursday night.



The event was moderated by Imthiyaaz, CEO of SIXER VIDEO who stressed that HR managers and recruiters need to communicate and share knowledge to strengthen the HR eco-system. With that note, speakers were introduced and panel discussions started. First off,



Learning is a funny thing? We study, we do a test, and we forget. How can we ensure that our employees grasp knowledge and practically use them in real life?

Imani stated that we should be able to establish the purpose of training teams in companies based on that we evaluate the core need that will align with company and employee need. This will allow companies to identify when and where the learning is required.

And use it practically and not to stop it at paper qualification. Dino added that learning can be facilitated through different platforms and when it is engaging it becomes more productive.

How will elearning facilitate the old school learning way? Will it be replaced or will it be developed? It can be in class room setting we provide interactive devices or completely remove it and establish remote learning?

Dino said that students or employees are far more advanced if they don’t know anything they just google it though students are still stuck in the old school teaching methods. Your companies learning platform can be old or new but companies should understand what fits them best.

Imani added that it can be conference or a test but companies should determine the how rather than making all technical.


Do you think employees will like tedious elearning programs especially when it conflicts with their busy work life?

Imani said employee tasks can be hectic. It’s duty of learning managers in companies to implement flexible learning mechanisms or platforms to help employees learn and grow.

We have used LayUp an elearning platform which primarily use it at Keells to train staff which before they engage in work we have program that help them get ready to face work challenges.


How do you persuade reluctant employees to adopt elearning?

Imani simply added that it’s the mindset if you are a company with future roadmap you have to adopt new systems to sustain future circumstances.

Dino added that LayUp had issues selling because companies didn’t have budget allocated to new tech but through time and presenting the benefits companies have adopted the platform.

How can we make elearning more engaging? Given your experience with marketing and content building, what are the tools involved for better understanding?

Dino added that his other venture Blok & Dino wanted to change the way how advertising is done in Sri Lanka and simply to make it more engaging.

With eLearning it’s based on how you would engage with users. Take as example how the movie The Big Short a movie that explains the 2008 financial downfall in US and how corrupt the market was. Complex financial theories were explained by the movie with concept called Scenario Based Learning.

As an example the movies explains Collateralized Debt Obligation which is explained in a simple format on a scenario based with Chef Anthony Bourdain HERE.


Is corporate elearning for the rich companies and business only? Can everyone use this or is it just a few.

Dino added it’s again what the company needs and number of employees they have. But companies should also invest in employees for better ROI.

Can corporate elearning create flexibility in closing skills gaps among employees? Do they get to choose or does the company assigns it?

Imani added that it’s based on the job the employee selects. Based on that companies decide on his or her learning style to assign tasks.

Integrating elearning in government institutions? What’s your take on that?

Dino added that it’s based on who is in power but the passport department and DMV in Sri Lanka are the best examples of great training and learning in the government sector.


As a person who has implemented this concept in house and promotes the concept of elearning, what has been the knowledge growth in your company? Are there visible, measurable results?

We see a lot of progress after using eLearning platforms with increase staff knowledge to handle issues and complains of consumers. Also we have seen that employees are more engaged in work after training programs.

Is there a measurable return on investment on an elearning platform? How do companies benefit from this on the long run?

Dino added definitely because we have been in the market for the last three years and conglomerates like the John Keells Group have seen growth in their staff learning engagement. As I said before new platforms or solutions should be able to justify spend and output too.


Final thoughts. Is it even worth it training your staff considering the retention rates of companies? Because they can learn and later leave for a better paying job with their new qualifications.

Imani said that it’s the culture if companies identify many stay back is the great training they get and they can grow within the company they would stay. And learning and training can be one vital part of it.

Dino added that adopt new systems find why people are leaving and amalgamate those two to stop from people leaving by large percentage.

After a keynote from SIXER VIDEO and event partner Hatch, the event concluded. Followed by networking session among speakers and attendees.



Sixth edition of disruptHR Colombo will be take place in October 2019.


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