Why everyone should be given a SIXER VIDEO


The introduction of digital interview technology to the world of recruitment has brought on many mixed emotions and opinions from various stakeholders in the field.

Most specifically, many have the opinion that the appeal of a digital interview is only relevant for a specific audience or type of candidate. “This only will work for high volume positions” or “I can see a college graduate doing this because they love new technology.”

My response to any of these perceptions is, “Let them all SIXER VIDEO!” If we focus on the world we live in today, most people have already, or are in the process of transitioning their everyday tasks to digital solutions.

People are reading news online, talking to friends or loved ones through the computer, watching videos on Facebook, or streaming TV shows to their cell phone. With this in mind, why is the world of recruiting any different? Does a CEO of a fortune 500 company not use a cell phone, log on to Facebook, or catch up with the news online? Why wouldn’t that same CEO turn to technology for convenience while searching for a new job opportunity? I take time frequently to notice the way stories and information are transferred today.

When I log onto yahoo, LinkedIn, or Facebook, there is often a story accompanied by a video. I ask the question, which are you most likely to do first? Read the story or watch the video? If the headline is, “President Obama speaks about his new cabinet,” most are going to want to watch what he has to say rather than read about it. Couldn’t the same be said for a candidate who wants to show why he/she is qualified for a job, rather than have you read about it on a resume?

Below are 4 topics that are essential to the recruitment process that can be accomplished through SIXER VIDEO, effectively engaging any candidate, regardless of career stage.

  • Message Delivery: You have 1,000 applicants apply for a job and only have the time to call 50. Or you’ve left 8 messages for a candidate without a response. Use SIXER VIDEO to get a video message out to your candidates about the job and company.
  • Brand Awareness: The first thing a candidate is likely to do when he/she hears about a job is to Google the company and start the research process. Why not provide this information to a candidate up front? The use of an engaging video with a clear message before, and after the candidate takes a digital interview is critical for drawing in the best talent. If a candidate doesn’t see the value or a future with your company early in the process, you’ll send him/her straight to your competitors.
  • Respect of Time: You call a candidate, he/she picks up, but is running to another meeting and you only have 1 minute to talk. Instead of rushing 30 minutes of questions in to one minute, explain the process of SIXER VIDEO, and send the invite for the On Demand Digital interview. More than 50% of candidates take an On Demand interview during non-traditional business hours. Respect their time and allow them the chance to get to you when it is convenient for them.
  • Communication: Don’t feel the need to rely on just email or telephone conversations to communicate with your candidates. Record a video introducing yourself, explain the process, communicate what you are looking for, and allow the candidate to do the same for you. Once you have the video of your candidate, share it with your hiring manager. Effective communication can engage the right candidate while saving everyone time in the process.

Despite what you may have previously thought, digital interviewing is for any candidate, at any stage of their career. Technology like SIXER VIDEO can not only change the way a candidate is hired at a company, but the way we efficiently communicate to facilitate the business process.

Alienating a certain demographic will certainly alienate your company from top talent. Make the shift to digital, and in a sense, let them all SIXER VIDEO.

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