Why You Should Attend the “disruptHR Colombo” Event


disruptHR Colombo is back in March. You can read about our December edition HERE.

What is disruptHR?

Main goal of the event is to informing and empowering HR specialists.

The global HR sector is exploding. Dramatic changes, driven by cutting edge technology and innovation are transforming the way HR works and recruitment happens.

The Sri Lankan recruitment and people management market is also changing and there is a lot to learn from international experiences. disruptHR will feature speakers to share their experiences and answer questions, and provide an opportunity to network and build a sophisticated community of HR professionals in Sri Lanka.
This month’s edition will be on talent acquisition and on why companies should focus more and fear less.

If you’re an HR professional, a CEO, a technologist, a community leader – and you’ve got something to say about talent, culture or technology – Disrupt is the place.

Why should I attend?

Whether you are new to the HR profession or a seasoned professional, we are in a time when Human Resources… a.k.a. HR …is becoming more and more involved in being a game changer in today’s business world. We are at a crossroads, so to speak, where the tried and true methods of the past aren’t working as well anymore when it comes to recruiting, employee relations and retention but so many other methods are still in the “test and see if it works” period for the future. This is most important to those companies that don’t have an established HR department internally.

So, what better way to find out if some of these “test and see if it works” methods are really working than to listen to others in the field that have already tried it! Or, maybe your company is struggling to find new ideas but what others in your same industry are doing doesn’t apply or won’t work for you. Many times, we shut off from new ideas because we assume that – on the surface – they won’t work. The speakers at DisruptHR not only share ideas but action steps for you to try right away…or, better yet, make spark an idea in your head for something new to try!

What is the topic in March?

Hiring & Retaining Millennials

Hiring millennials seems to be a top-of-mind topic for employers. This young group of workers can bring new talent, fresh perspective and renewed commitment to your business. But what is the trick to keeping them long enough to make a powerful impact on your company?

Who are the speakers?

Suresh Muttiah

General Manager Human Resources

Union Assurance

Suresh joined Union Assurance in May 2016 from John Keells Group, where he served as, Vice President – Human Resources of Retail Sector for a period of 5 years. Prior to that he worked at Dialog Axiata PLC for 4 years as Manager Performance Management & HR Strategy Operations and 7 years within Carsons Cumberbatch Group in HR leadership positions within the Group HR function, Lion Brewery PLC and Hotel Sector. He will share his take on working with different generations and why millennials are different from the rest.


Yusra Aziz Eliyas


PODI JOBS/Second Team

PODI JOBS is the first freelance platform in Sri Lanka and bridges the gap between PODI JOB Employers & Seekers. Proceeds raised by PODI JOBS are used to Empower Single Income Families and Deserving Stay- at- Mums (SAHM). She will discuss how she managed millennials who were looking for that side hustle.


Who is it for?

If you work in HR, or are a CEO, a technologist or a community leader, or curious about the evolution of HR – then you should attend DisruptHR.


When and Where is it held?

On 7th March at LIKUID SPACES , located at Charles Place Colombo 03.


How do I register?

CLICK HERE to get you ticket or call us up on +94778312087



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