Why You should use video recruitment for your next Internship Program

Throughout this month we are starting a series of articles titled HR New Year Resolutions for you to take the right HR decisions for 2019.

Internships and management trainee programs are key to building experience as a student or recent graduate. And it’s equally important for a company to understand the future employees out there. Here are some of the numbers we found from this year based on 15 management trainee and internship programs.


This year was quite the same as the last but we found out many Sri Lankan students who study abroad primarily in Europe and Asia were keen on applying for Sri Lankan internships which is a positive sign.

The question for next year is how companies are going to attract the global and local students to apply. And you don’t have to be a big global brand to attract more. It’s simple the process, we discussed at our thought leadership program disruptHR that companies should focus on simplifying the recruitment process and reduce time spent on shortlisting and screening.

I’m here tell you on why enabling the use of video will help you save time and attract more talent,

You get the CV and the interview at the point of apply

Companies have tried the social media platform and messaging apps but failed. This is actually not a proper tool for video because many young applicants would like to keep their social life away from companies. Get a platform where at the point of apply they answer your questions and then upload their CV. By setting a timer for each question, you are in control of the interview.

This will enable applicants to the make the process fun and effective one. Give them a chance to express themselves because right now a student’s CV is not attractive it’s just a piece of paper or profile. Recruiters will not be required to sacrifice time to meet deadlines because virtually you get done with the first round of interviews.

Attract a wider range of applicants

As mentioned before there is an increasing number of Sri Lankan students who are studying in other countries who are applying for Sri Lankan internships. If they are selected for interviews they will be unable to attend due to traveling reasons and if you miss the chance you may lose the applicant when you reschedule. This because young applicants have short span on attention, as recruiters you will have to grab their attention fast.

So what’s the best way to tackle this, send them questions and use a video platform to answer under a specific timeline. By doing this young applicants are motivated and afterwards they will attend the next round when they are back. And plus you don’t need to restrict this to international but to regional talents also you can use such a platform.

Spend time with the right people

As a recruiter timing is crucial and it has become more relevant today. Companies who have the best brand power used to attract the best talent but now even a company with just 5 employees are attracting the best talent, maybe we will cover that in another article. This is simply because of the process and time taken to complete. Because of that it’s important for companies and recruiters to spend time with the right person.

When you call an individual for interview, on average he/she will talk for 30 minutes. But as a recruiter you will be able to identify if he/she fits the role and company in just 20 seconds. If it’s good applicant that’s great, but if it’s bad one you can’t tell them to leave. Though bad or good you will have to spend time as a courtesy. But the lost time for a bad applicant could have been put to good use by spending time searching for a good one.

A video platform allows you to just do that. With internships you attract heavy number of applicants but with a simple video tool understand who the applicant is before they walk in for an interview.

Better transparency

CEO’s and directors alike would love to know about future talents but at certain times are misinformed about who walks in to the company for a job. As recruiters and HR managers it’s your task to let them know if there are talent out there or not. But how can you prove it?

The best place to start to is for the new roles or trainee roles. With the right video platform you will be able to easily share the video and also show the feedback from the rest of the staff with the CEO. This will allow the CEO t0 judge talent and identify the shortcomings.

The best place to start is with your internships be 100% transparent of whoever applies or walks-in for a job. This will not only be informative to a company but will be a great indicator on how you should hire next time.

Boost to your employer brand

Young job applicants are attracted to the way in how uniquely would attract there attention for a job. Many companies both locally and internationally have partnered with digital media agencies to create unique advertisement campaigns and interactive gamification experiences for applicants.

But the applying process for many campaigns remains to be the same. Innovating in both advertising and applying will help you to attract the right talent. With a video platform, what if you can pitch the job to prospective applicants rather than letting them to read. This will reduce the time of applying and within a span of 10 minutes a job applicant could have known the job, applied and completed the first interview making the process a positive one.

This will create a positive view of the company from the applicant’s perspective. Which will allow you to attract the right talent without going through multiple profiles.

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